Geek+ Robotics Receives CE Mark Approval for Warehouse Robots System

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In February, Geek+ Robotics received CE Mark Approval for Warehouse Robots System allowing Geek+ to expand market in Europe.


Accomplishing this important mandatory milestone fully demonstrates the superior and reliable performance of Geek+ Robotics, both production control, quality assurance and risk control have been compliance with applicable EU standard. Having access to European Market means Geek+ has formalized the highest level of warehouse robots manufacturing in China.


Earlier in 2018, Geek+ has started global expansion by setting up an office in Hong Kong, also has been in the process of launching two main robots called P800 and M100.


Except completing “Goods-to-Person” system, P800 Picking Robot is a symbol of Geek+’s sophisticated industrial design. By broadening the robots’ adaptability to temperature threshold, P800 can maintain stable operation from -30℃ to 50℃ to adjust well to extreme temperature conditions.


M100 is the other featured moving system of Geek+ Robotics. It leverages advanced SLAM laser navigation method to identify factory’s environment and schedule the route independently. With this technology, QR code would no longer be required and the robots are able to avoid and bypass the obstacle automatically in a flexible and smooth way.


We look forward to delivering our integrated solutions to worldwide to help customers increase productivity and reduce labor cost in the near future. Since we’ve kept establishing international distribution network, the CE Mark is clearly a valuable asset for Geek+ Robotics.

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