Geek Plus was Invited by Deliver.Events to Attend a Panel Discussion about “Robot-as-a-Service to warehouses” in London UK

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LiT Fung, General Manager of Geek Plus attended the influential event DELIVER as a guest speaker with CEOs of Magzino, Right Hand Robot and Editor of MM Logistik on June 6th, 2018, London UK. It is worth mentioning that Geek+ Robotics is the only company in APAC that receives the invitation.

DELIVER, the largest powerhouse in e-Logistics ever gathered, brings together the international elite in e-commerce and operations from world's largest and most iconic retailers to foster meaningful relationships. It’s an honor that Geek Plus was invited to present in the panel of Warehouse robotization & fulfillment automation and share the vision of robot’s application in supply chain and Robot-as-a- Service in warehouses: no upfront investment and charge per pick instead.

The featured warehouse in Suzhou China that Mr. LiT Fung mentioned during the event is an example of Geek+ Intelligent Logistics Solution, in which order fulfillment rate has exceeded 100,000 orders per day.

Intrigued by the diverse solutions and high performance, many e-commerce companies and retailers even some worldwide famous high-end brands approached to explore more logistics automation solutions that Geek Plus is providing, considering to deploy Geek Plus Robots in their warehouses to achieve efficient storage, greater productivity and fast and cost-effective delivery.

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