Geek+ was Invited by Deliver.Events, Europe’s biggest e-Logistics Marketplace, to Give a Speech about “Robot-as-a-Service to warehouses” in London

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On June 06th, LiT Fung, Overseas Director of Geek+ Robotics attended the influential event DELIVER as a guest speaker giving a speech to 60 multinational e-Logistics service providers, 50 decision makers from e-commerce powerhouses those coming from 35 different countries.

DELIVER, the largest powerhouse in e-Logistics ever gathered, brings together the international elite in e-commerce and operations from world's largest and most iconic retailers to foster meaningful relationships.
The conference program involved a global line-up of speakers, half of them coming from USA and China and speaking in Europe for the first time, among prominent LogTech investors, disruptive robotics startups in delivery & warehousing as well as e-commerce thought leaders.

It’s an honor that Geek+ was invited to present in the panel of Warehouse robotization & fulfillment automation and share the vision of robot’s application in supply chain and Robot-as-a- Service in warehouses: no upfront investment and charge per pick instead.

The featured warehouse in Suzhou China that Mr. LiT Fung mentioned during the event is an example of Geek+ Intelligent Logistics Solution, in which order fulfillment rate has exceeded 100,000 orders per day.

Intrigued by the diverse solutions and high performance, many e-commerce companies and retailers even some worldwide famous high-end brands approached to explore more logistics automation solutions that Geek+ Robotics is providing, considering to deploy Geek+ Robots in their warehouses to achieve efficient storage, greater productivity and fast and cost-effective delivery.

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