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Deep Industry and Supply Chain Expertise

Our Robotics and AI Solutions are tailored to specific industry challenges, energizing the whole supply chain

700,000 Implementation area
7,000+ Robots Deployed
200+ Projects
20+ Countries

Geek+ Supply Chain Expertise

We develop industry-specific supply chain solutions powered by AI. We analyze big data to upgrade and create new AI algorithms that will address specific industry challenges and improve the overall efficiency of the supply chain while saving cost.

Deep Industry knowledge
We have developed and continue to develop dedicated industry solutions to solve common and specific industry challenges
Retail Retail Retail
E-commerce Ecommerce E-commerce
Apparel Apparel Apparel
Manufacturing Manufacturing Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical_White_工作區域 1 Pharmaceutical
Robots on demand
Thousands of robots can be dispatched on-demand from different warehouses across regions. Geek+ offers a flexible and scalable solution helping customers address new consumer demand and orders spikes.
North China
Beijing IOC
  • Area:5000 ㎡
  • Number:40 unit
East China
Hangzhou IOC
  • Area:30,000 ㎡
  • Number:150 unit
Kunshan Jiahu IOC
  • Area:22,000 ㎡
  • Number:200 unit
Kunshan GLP IOC
  • Area:4000 ㎡
  • Number:50 unit
Central China
Wuhan IOC
  • Area:6000 ㎡
  • Number:40 unit
Zhengzhou IOC
  • Area:10,000 ㎡
  • Number:70 unit
Southwest China
Chengdu IOC
  • Area:10,000 ㎡
  • Number:80 unit
South China
Foshan IOC
  • Area:6000 ㎡
  • Number:60 unit